About Us

How ShelteringTree.Earth Got Started

I have been a published author since 2010 and wanted to share with others the joy of being a published author. Over the years, I facilitated writer groups, coached beginning authors, and studied everything I could about becoming a traditional publisher. 


ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC was established July 2021 during the height of the COVID pandemic. I had retired from teaching the previous year to take care of my mother and started a graduate program online for Biblical Studies. Yet I felt the call to do more - God kept whispering to me to share what I enjoy. I launched my publishing house, ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC. and I have enjoyed helping so many wonderful writers learn the joy of becoming authors and sharing positive, hopeful, and inspiring books with the world.


About Our Books

We are an exclusive publishing house. We specialize in uplifting, inspirational, and positive adult, juvenile and young adult fiction and nonfiction, including poetry, mysteries, native histories, ancient spiritual paths, sermons, Lectio Divina, and pastoral and rabbinical resources in English, French, Spanish, Gaelic Irish, and Indigenous languages.


We are branching out (pun intended) to include all the wonderful languages of the world. Our adult fictions and nonfictions will be translated into French and Spanish as stand-alone translations. Our children’s books will be translated into French, Spanish, Gaelic Irish, and indigenous languages to reach and embrace all the peoples of the world. Also, we are eager to read (and publish) stories written in native languages, especially indigenous languages, so that our tales of humanity can be shared and cherished.


We publish internationally in Kindle/Nook, paperback, and hardcover. Our royalties are above industry standards. 


Our readers, once they finish one of our books, will be able to get up and face the world wiser, stronger, centered, and with the assurance that we are not alone: we are all a part of the Sheltering Tree on Earth.

About Our Videos

When COVID shut down my Sunday School class, I started putting the lessons online as videos. (However, I taught the oldest women in my church and very few of them knew how to use a computer.) I loved making these videos and applied what Ii had learned to the publishing house. Each book has a book trailer made for it. 

I also began making meditational videos which I later realized were actually a podcast series which I now use through one of my ministries: Parents of Prosecuted Children Support Group

Our Authors in the Shade video pod series are interviews of authors - who they are and why they write. I began those with authors from the house and am opening it up to all traditional published authors

I also make instructional videos on all the various things an author should know about the business side of writing.


About Our Audios

One might think that audios would come before videos, but not so for me. After I wrote and posted article after article on my ShelteringTree.Earth blog for my authors, which very few read, I decided to try a podcast. The Ambitious Authors' Guide was the first endeavor along these lines. 

My minister and I were discussing the tech needs and futures for our church, and I offered to set up her podcast series for her sermons. Then, I offered to help other ministers and rabbis set up and curate podcasted series of their sermons, too. 

Expanding on the idea of podcasts, I will soon offer to help traditionally published authors set up and curate podcasted series of their books. I envision these as audiobook-like podcasts with each chapter as an episode.

About Our Games

We are working with a brilliant game designer and hope to begin a division of board games and video games based on our books within the 2024 year. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the progress!

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