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Our readers, once they finish one of our books, podcasts, or games will be able to get up and face the world wiser, stronger, centered, and with the assurance that we are not alone: we are all a part of the Sheltering Tree on Earth.

Media Divisions


We are a traditional publishing house specializing in uplifting and encouraging books.

We accept manuscripts which follow our vision and our writer's guidelines.


We specialize in creating audios and videos which promote our books, our mission, and your ministry. 



Let us develop and curate a podcast series of your sermons, lectio davinas, and/or meditations. We can also build your brand with Press Releases, Book Trailers, Bookmarks, business cards, and postcards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's so important about being a "traditional publisher"?

There are traditional publishing houses - both large (think Simon & Schuster) and small (ShelteringTree.Earth) and every size in between. We share the same heart: the book. We make money from your book. You make money in the form of royalties AFTER the book sells. 

So we choose books which we believe will sell well and bring in more readers. 

We make our money on the book, not the author. 

Traditional publishers do not charge you, the author, for editing, copying, cover design, or postage. Their emphasis is on developing your book into a world-class item (the sales of which are intended to cover the costs of producing the book.)

Now, traditional publishers may charge you for buying copies of your own book (hopefully at discounted prices) so that you will have a stash for your book signing events and/or to give to friends and relatives. They also may expect you to pay your own expenses to those events. But the cost for producing a book falls on the publisher, not the author.

What do you mean when you say you will curate a podcast?

A podcast is like a log, it just has a different modality. Think - a Log is a book in which someone writes all the details of the day. A Blog is a typed article posted on a website. Then came the Vlog - a video log. There are also audio logs. In February of 2004, Ben Hammersley coined the term podcast by combining iPod (developed by Apple) and broadcast (the common term for news distribution systems). 

A podcast can be singular - one episode.

A podcast SERIES is plural and sequential - a series of episodes grouped under specific seasons. 

They can be hosted anywhere one can link to an MP3 (video podcast) or MP4A (audio podcast). However, if a podcast plays in a forest where no one listens to it, is it actually relavent? 

Sheltering Tree Media develops your audio or video logs, creates energetic and appealing openings and closings, monetizes them if you wish, and posts them on one of the largest podcast sites with over 5 million listeners. And then we curate your series - we maintain the series, schedules, and interpodial communications, and provide you with analytics and comments from your fans.

We contract your video or audio podcast series one season at a time.

What sets you apart from other media companies?

I consider this media company as a ministry. I began it with books that were inspiring and helped the readers through any obstacle in their physical or spiritual path. Then we expanded into videos - book trailers and interviews, and then audios - The Ambitious Authors' Guide. From there, ministers began asking us to develop podcast series from their sermons, and authors who were not self-published hired us to interview them, and then we expanded into the gaming world of board games and video ones. 

ShelteringTree.Earth Publishing became Sheltering Tree Media. And the word media covers any technological advancement to come, too!

I am in this to help others - as authors, readers, speakers, listeners, rabbis, ministers, teachers, creators - as we all walk together through this life. 

“I recently used Sheltering Tree Earth Media's services to create a video series of lessons for my small church to use with our shut-ins. The results were amazing, and I am so pleased with the professionalism and quality of the work. Highly recommend!”

— Pastor George Johnson

About us

Sheltering Tree Earth Media is a Florida-based media company, focused on connecting our planet through media. Our team is passionate about creating meaningful, impactful, and creative media that resonates with our faith. We strive to be a source of inspiration and motivation for others to explore the world around them. Our mission is to share stories of faith through the use of various media tools such as books - e-books, paperback, and hardcover, audio podcasts, photography, videography, and game designs. We strive to create content that is authentic, inspiring, and visually appealing. We strive to be an example of how media can be used to spread the Gospel and the Shema, create meaningful connections, and bring people together.